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About encounters, dis encounters and how life flows by the space and time

We were playing at the farm, the sky was beautiful and sunny. We were running over here, over there, falling here and there rolling, in those days the passage of time didn’t exist and the playing were endless. I remember loved people that took care of us, that pulled our ears when we pranked. We met, connected and magically let go with the river of life. What remains are these magical moments of joy and affection. Years, decades go by and they are still there, but they are not, the river of live is relentless in its way. Today decades and decades later the memory is still here, the love remains and the connection goes away, I look at them and don’t recognize, I know who they were, I know that I love them but I don’t recognize them anymore. I’m connected by the love that I felt and apart by the space and time. What all this taught me? Never mind how brief we connected, the love remains. We see the faults, but the love is so big that it becomes smaller. Loving without living, loving without being, loving without expecting. Loving above all. In the end the boat…

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A couple of weeks ago a fascinating thought came to me, why we act as we do? What make our life to be like this? The simple thought that maybe we don’t have enough control of our own life bothered me, after all the threat to be on a truck without a driver is really scary. Each person has their values, beliefs and heart, each human being is unique.  But beside that, do you really control yourself? If you wonder in 99,99% of situations you have some choices to do, but you can’t evaluate through them and truly think out of the box. We are habituated to choose one of the options that the life or as some prefer to call, the destiny, show to us. What will happen if I you break up the cycle and overcome the common place? I think that the greats minds are this kind of persons, they have the ability and determination to see through the regular situations and create something new. Could be a scientific disruption, a religion revelation or a matrix theory. After all they treat life like an open world, not only a few options like the regular people. How to…

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Average no one vs. great live been

Note: I write this text to my self to remember when I don’t feel ok that the only way is be better. In the lasts months if think a lot about what is the break point on average no one to great person, or more accurate a great live been. Before to start note the key point, is live been, keep it in mind. The term “average no one” is a little catch, because not is possible exist a average person that is no one. Is better stay on average or be no one? Booth are bad choices, but in the real world unconsciously in the most part of time we are the average or the no one. This state of spirit is inspired for the thinking that I can’t be less but no want to be better that others. Be better implicate in do more, do best, overcome all internal and external barriers. Be better, be a greater live been make you very tired but is fulfilling and uplifting. How to be a great live been? Be better begins when you start to realize that you are the average, this allows that you know that you are an imperfect…

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The Distance Podcast #PassionsSeries 1

I really love listen Podcast. I was discovered this amazing world with my first iPod Touch back to 2009, the things since there change a lot but for the best. The quantity and quality improve over these years and today we have great options to listen every day. I begin listen only in Portuguese my native language, but since a few years, I feel the necessity to expand my horizon and know more options, so I started to listen podcasts in another languages. Today I made a decision to write a post for every podcast that a love and listen every week, is a way to spread the podcast word and say thank you to each my friends podcasters for the amazing work. The Distance Podcast I choose this podcast to start because 2 simple questions: Love He is about stories of businesses that have endured for at least 25 years! The Distance is great to know histories from another peoples and companies, how they became who they are today, what they do to grow up and take your place on the market. Family’s questions, professional questions, many ways to choose and the result of the path walked. I like very much follow the histories…

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Tips for accelerate English learning

Hi! I´m learning English and to improve faster than a regular student I´m betting on making small daily immersions in English. I´m confident that can be useful for other so I decide share here. For readers lovers I recommend the new Kindle Paperwhite (or other e-reader, but keep it in mind that Kindle have the biggest collection of books), you can read many free books and if want to spend some money are a thousands of books in English on Amazon Store. There is also an amazing Comics section if you think that books are boring. See more in Amazon. TV Shows If you like to watch TV Shows, a great and cheap option is the Netflix. You can change the default audio language and the caption to English. I really like the possibility to enjoy a good time, see my favorite characters and improve my skills in the same time. See more in Netflix. Podcasts Did you know the amazing Podcasts technology? It´s like a radio program but streaming over internet and available any time to listen or download to you mobile device to listen everywhere every time. In English, you have a world of choices since tech, culture,…

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Less tech improve the focus

I’m a tech guy since a little kid, always liked computers, programs and be able to do anything that I want in the most productive way. Today I’m 31 years old and I remembered that no long time ago when I had 16 years old that I liked to tell to everyone that I was able to do 2 or more things simultaneously. On that time was true, I worked like art finalist and in many occasions I spoke on phone, worked in computer on software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and continued be able to respond to a third task and coordinate all. The time was passing and the new technologies appeared, the Apple introduced the iPhone and the age of notifications started. In the early days I thought that this was one more way to be productive but with a few years I saw that I could not be more wrong. The notifications appear every time let to lose attention, if in the past I could do 3 things on the same time now I can’t do one thing on total focus. This became clear with a notification alert on multiples devices on some time, iPhone, iPad,…

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