Less tech improve the focus

I’m a tech guy since a little kid, always liked computers, programs and be able to do anything that I want in the most productive way.

Today I’m 31 years old and I remembered that no long time ago when I had 16 years old that I liked to tell to everyone that I was able to do 2 or more things simultaneously.

On that time was true, I worked like art finalist and in many occasions I spoke on phone, worked in computer on software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and continued be able to respond to a third task and coordinate all.

The time was passing and the new technologies appeared, the Apple introduced the iPhone and the age of notifications started.

In the early days I thought that this was one more way to be productive but with a few years I saw that I could not be more wrong. The notifications appear every time let to lose attention, if in the past I could do 3 things on the same time now I can’t do one thing on total focus.

This became clear with a notification alert on multiples devices on some time, iPhone, iPad, Computer, E-mail notifications for the same issue.

And when you think that not be worse the social media notifications come up, Facebook and Twitter fighting for your attention and triggering a river of notifications.

You can tell me that you can disable all, you are correct but look, this not begun in one day, it´s a process.

More few months and I could not breathe without distraction a.k.a. notifications and I saw my productivity come to bottom line.

Observing others people who are highly productive I realized that they use the technology on the most conservative way, they established a few rules to keep the productive mind and focused.

1) Technology is to improve the way of do a thing, IF NOT, do not use.

2) We are humans and we need be connected with humans, we need to use the tech to be better with people NOT to do more like a machine.

3) The modern tech not replaced the human mind, she is more like a body extension, a arm more strong but still a arm.

If the tech can´t be use to be more mind focus or do things better, what´s the point?

I start a personal undertaken to be less dependent of tech, if not applied the 3 rules above is no part of my life.